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The difference between pruning and traditional pruning of modern apple trees

Issuing time:2017-03-30 00:00

Now the difference between Apple pruning and traditional pruning is mainly in the following aspects

1. Keep mid dry and strong

The backbone plays a leading role in the tree. Strong backbone is good for restraining the growth of branched axes and promoting flowering. Therefore, cultivating healthy backbone is the core of apple tree management nowadays.

The main ways to train a strong middle dry are as follows

1. The dry red Fuji apple tree is easy to bend. In production, the stem can be kept upright by the method of setting up the pillar.

2, through the method of cutting branches on the trunk branch heavy cut, opened the stock ratio; through 2-3 consecutive years will dry cut light, can foster healthy dry, effectively opened the stock ratio.

3, in the dry fruit thinning thick branches for rod from the thick branches, to stage thinning, in order to maintain the stem growth of absolute advantages.


Two, maintaining the uniaxial extension of the branch axis

At present, many apples are produced with small crown shaped trees, with many branches growing on the middle pole, which require the branch axis to extend in a single axis, and there is no large branch on it. In general, the stem axis can be used on the main stem, the branch axis is on the three grade structure of the result branch or the two grade structure of the result branch directly on the trunk.

Three. Using the result of the drooping branch

The result of drooping branches is the key to the management of apple trees. The droop of branches can increase the accumulation of photosynthesis and flower forming ability, and the fruit of drooping branches is positive because of the attraction of the earth.


Four. Keep the amount of the branch

The apple tree in the whole growth cycle, generally from the sapling stage branch quantity increases with the increase of age, to enter the full fruit period such as being difficult to control, more than 100 thousand acres of branches will appear above the canopy, effects of bore into flowers and improve the fruit quality, and should be the total branch in artificial control in the full fruit period, in order to enhance the effectiveness of. Maintaining the appropriate branches is one of the key points in modern apple tree management.

Five, the allocation of branches should be reasonable

The adjacent branch spacing should be appropriate, to ensure that in the branches during the growth of branches are not light, shade, general trunk with lateral axis spacing should be more than 60 cm, branches on the axis of the fruit group spacing of 20 cm, for dense branches should be removed.

Six. The tree shape changes with the age of tree

In the general young tree period, the spindle shaped tree was used, and the initial fruit period was transition from the main stem to the main fruit period, which was basically transformed into a happy shape. In the management of the red Fuji apple tree body, it should be adapted to this change, and the tree transformation should be carried out.

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