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The main pests of pomelo pomelo and pest control measures and pesticides

Issuing time:2017-03-30 00:00

1. Disease

1. Anthracnose:

(1) to strengthen the orchard management, turning attention to deep soil, organic fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer to prevent rain, pay attention to drainage.

(2) the timely removal of debris, concentrated burned or buried, in order to reduce the source of bacteria, winter harvesting of a jet of 1 degrees Baume lime sulfur mixture, also can cure other diseases.

(3) in spring, summer and autumn shoots and leaf and fruit period of spraying 80% anthrax Fukumi powder 800 times liquid, 70% thiophanate methyl (import thiophanate methyl) 700 times liquid plus 25% chlorothalonil powder mixed spraying, or 70% mancozeb 500 times (also available carbon Trane, prochloraz according to the instructions).

2, scab:

(1) should be transferred to new planting seedlings with 70% +50% carbendazim mildothane 800 times liquid soak for 30 minutes.

(2) clear qinranyuan, combined with pruning and garden, cut off branches, leaves, concentrated burned. Chemical control, the first time in spring bud bud bud spraying, 1-2 mm long began spraying, 50% carbendazim 800 times liquid, 70% thiophanate methyl 1000 times liquid, 75% chlorothalonil WP 600 times liquid, 10% Mi benzene triazole ring 1500 times (score). The second time in the second time when the flowers fall, spray the above fungicides or once again from May to June.

3, ulcerative disease:

(1) strengthen the quarantine of the seedlings and strictly prohibit the seedlings from entering the new orchard. The newly planted seedlings can be soaked in 1000 times of 72% streptomycin for 10 minutes.

(2) to strengthen the management of fertilizer, not partial nitrogen, completely remove the branches, leaves, and fruit, concentrated burned.

(3) the tree in the flower after spraying 72% streptomycin soluble powder 4000 times liquid, 77% kocide 500 times liquid, can also be used in new phytomycin, Lincomycin (according to the instructions). The young trees were sprayed every 20 days after the sprouting of spring, summer and autumn shoots.

4, resin disease:

After the glue dry flow and infected two types of infected leaves showed sandpaper.  One is to strengthen the management of prevention and control measures, antifreeze, waterlogging, avoid sunburn and various wounds, to reduce all kinds of infection; two is that scraping the diseased branches or disease on dry skin disease, disease of wound with 70% thiophanate methyl 100 times liquid.

5, foot rot disease:

The main damage to the root neck and the upper part of the ground can also be damaged. One is the selection of disease resistant stock control measures should not be too deep planting, planting, married two is appropriate to improve the interface position; when the disease timely decay curettage and peripheral cortex, scrape disease sound organization 0.5-1 cm, and then apply the equivalent of 10% Bordeaux pulp or 2-3% copper sulfate solution to the incision.

6. Deficiency of the disease:

There are 6 common types of magnesium deficiency, boron, zinc, manganese, iron and copper. One way to prevent and control is to improve soil and increase organic manure, apply organic fertilizer, green manure and acid fertilizer to alkaline soil, add alkaline fertilizer to acidic soil, and two sprays the following 1-2 times in spring springtime. Boron deficient sprayed 0.1-0.2% borax solution, zinc deficiency, 0.4-0.5% zinc sulfate, manganese deficient spray, 0.2-0.6% manganese sulfate, iron deficiency sprayed 0.3-0.5 ferrous sulfate solution, and copper deficiency sprayed 0.1% copper sulfate solution. The proper application of calcium magnesium phosphate in weak acid or alkaline soil for magnesium deficient orchards, in weak acid or alkaline soils, in Magnesium Sulfate and acid soils.

Two. Insect pests

1. Submersible moth:

(1) combined with cultivation and management, timely sprouting shoots and controlling the shoots, and removing the early and late shoots, making the summer and autumn pomelo healthy and healthy through water and fertilizer management, is the fundamental measure to control insect pests.

(2) protect the release of natural enemies.

(3) the overlapping generations, chemical control can spray 2.5% Kung Fu or Exfenvalerate EC 3000 times liquid, 2% abamectin 2000 times or 20% EC 2000 times liquid chlorine ma.

2, p.:

(1) the larvae and pupae are caught and killed. For the protection of natural enemies can be placed in cages in the pupal parasitoid, and parasitic fly out after eclosion.

(2) protect and lead to natural enemies.

(3) chemical control: 40% kill chrysanthemum EC 1000 times liquid, 800-1000 times liquid crystal 90% trichlorfon, dichlorvos 80% or 50% fenitrothion 1000 times or 2% times 2000 abamectin, 5% emamectinbenzoate 3000 times.

3. Aphids:

(1) cut off the shoots of the injured branches and protect the natural enemies.

(2) breeding and no dormancy in the whole year, spraying 5% diesel emulsion before sprouting in early spring, or combining with insect killing mite spray oil emulsion.

(3) the period of damage spray 50% Pirimicarb WP 2000 times liquid, 10% imidacloprid, Pymetrozine or 1500 times, 10% cypermethrin 3000 times liquid, 20% chlorine Ma EC 2000 times liquid, 2.5% Kung Fu EC 3000 times liquid, 10% acetamiprid 2000 times liquid, the rotation of the use of pesticides.

4, aphid, whitefly:

(1) before early spring germination, combined with the prevention and control of scale insects, aphids and red spiders, a diesel emulsion of 5% oil content was sprayed with a good effect on the killing of the wintering nymphs.

(2) spraying protection: bud period, growth period of injection pump 2.5% Uranus 6000 times liquid, 80% DDVP 1500 times liquid, 20% buprofezin WP 1000 times or 10% times liquid 2000 imidacloprid, plus 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid, Pymetrozine 1500 times.

5, rust mite:

(1) strengthen the management of fat and water.

(2) protection and utilization of natural enemies.

(3) 5-9 month is the high incidence of harm, damage period with Uranus EC 6000 times liquid, 73% propargite EC 2000 times liquid, 15% pyridaben EC 3000 times liquid spray before flowering or winter 1 degrees Baume lime sulfur or 45% crystal calcium polysulfide 150-300 times liquid, 40% Isocarbophos EC 1500 times liquid 20%, MEOTHRIN EC 3000 times liquid, 25% Azocyclotin three WP 1000 times liquid, 50% Nisolon 2% abamectin EC 1000 times liquid, 3000 times, pay attention to the drug rotation, can delay resistance.

6. Red spider:

(1) strengthen the management of fat and water and protect the natural enemies.

(2) red spider overlapping generations, the annual spring and autumn season two retransmission, the period of damage control refer to the above rust mite prevention measures, also can choose 2% abamectin EC 2000 times, 57% grams of mites have EC 2000-3000 times liquid, 20% three dicofol 1000 times liquid, 25% Azocyclotin three WP powder 1000-2000 times liquid, 12.5% buprofezin mites pyridaben 1500-2000 times liquid, Envidor 4000-5000 times,

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