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Issuing time:2017-12-25 00:00

xiamen treasure-in international Co., Ltd.,

Originated from Taiwan, Taiwan, and set more than 20 years of Taiwan's technical base of precision machinery, in 2002 the company will be set up in China's most beautiful maritime garden city "Xiamen." Our own brand E.C. CUTTER's electric cutting tools are marketed worldwide. Is a set of independent research and development design, production, sales at home and abroad in one, is also China's first invention of electric scissors modern enterprise.

Our many patented products independently developed include: EC-1 Electric Scissors, SEC-1 In-line Electric Scissors, SEC-6 Multi-Function Electric Scissors, EC-66 Fruit Tree Electric Pruning Shears, EC-11 Fruit Tree Electric Pruning Shears , EC-67 electric reciprocating saw, EZ2 fabric cutting machine, EC-8 wireless electric round knife cutting machine and shark brand full range of sample cloth machine, widely used in knitting, clothing, leather, garden fruit, plastic and many other fields.

The company has a group of Taiwanese technicians and experienced R&D and management teams. As the inventor of electric scissors in China, we follow the concept of quality and honesty, which has powerfully expanded the international development path. Over the years, we have continued to lead the industry in technology and quality, making E.C. CUTTER the most trusted brand for customers both at home and abroad.

In the process of development, we attach great importance to product innovation and independent research and development. At present, we have more than ten patented products and are in the leading position in the industry. Our strong R&D team and innovative advantages ensure that our products' performance and quality are at the leading level in the country. Our diversified services and concepts are highly appreciated by various industries. . We will always use the concept of high quality and low price to continuously innovate, research and develop new products in the future, and return them to our respected customers with the highest quality service.

Our garden machinery product series EC-7 electric fruit tree pruning shears, as early as April 5th, 2012, was awarded the exclusive introduction of the central seven “Agri-City World”, and was the only one to obtain “agricultural and broad space”. "The show group introduced the electric pruning shears

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